Thai Cuisine, Eat Freely Like Locals

Undoubtedly, Thailand is one of the countries which have the best cuisine in South East Asia. The perfect combination of fresh ingredients and unparalleled recipes is the reason that makes tourists fall in love with Thailand cuisine. Thai cuisine has been influenced by the two neighboring countries: Malaysia and India. Therefore, food lovers will easy to find popular ingredients of these two nations in Thai dishes such as curry powder, dried shrimp powder, lemongrass, dill or coriander. Moreover, Thai cuisine is the harmonious mix of Eastern and Western style but still reflects characteristic of a waterborne country. The secret of Thai food is the extraordinary complex balance of 5 basic flavors that lie underneath: salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter. Some Thai dishes have a careful blend of all flavors, but in some special dishes, the spiciness and sourness are the strongest. There is no lack of choices for you to try when travelling this ‘Land of Smiles’ from main dishes to desserts, which had been created to suit the lifestyle of each region in Thailand.


Thailand is the largest rice exporter in the world; therefore, rice plays an important role in Thai people’s life. A common greeting of Thai people is “Kin khao reu yang”, which means “Have you eaten rice yet?” To start a meal, every member often says “Gin khao”, this means “eat rice”. Rice is the essential and the indispensable part of any Thai meal and people often eat more rice than any other dishes in a meal. There are many types of rice in Thailand such as Jasmine rice, which has pleasant jasmine scent when they are fresh and uncooked. Sticky rice is milky, opaque coloring and shorter grains. Colors rice is traditionally used in Thai desserts thanks to their beautiful and vibrant colors: green, blue or yellow.


A meal in Thailand is often served with a bowl of soup. Traditional Thai soup features unique and incredible flavors that definitely brighten up your mind. With the perfect mix of lemongrass, lime, dried onion, chilies, coconut milk and greasy shrimp, the traditional recipe Tom Yum Gong can help you warm and energized. Or a classic Thai chicken soup (Tom Kha Gai) – one of the easiest and tastiest Thai soups can satisfy any visitor, even the tough ones on a winter night.


The special feature of Thai salads is the spiciness. An authentic Thai salad recipe is made of uncooked vegetable or fruits mix with chili, lime juice, fish sauce or special ingredients of each region. The most well-known Thai salad is Som Tam (green papaya salad). Tom Sam is generally prepared with main ingredients of garlic, chili, and shredded papaya. Trust us; it flavor will definitely make you unforgettable


A good meal is never completed without desserts. Like street foods, Thai desserts can be found everywhere, super cheap and very tasty. Thai people love desserts so they create different palatable dishes to satisfy their hungry stomachs. Thai desserts are quite sweet and required easily obtainable ingredients. One of the most famous desserts is mango and sticky rice. If you traveled Thailand without tasting this particular dish, you really didn’t discover all the specialties of Thailand. Other must-try Thai desserts here are Mung Bean candy, coconut ice cream, and sweet sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf.