Ha Giang, The Beautiful Landscape Of The North

Ha Giang is a province in Northeast Vietnam. It is located in the far north of the country and contains Vietnam's northernmost point. It has a 270 km long border with southern China. 90% of the population here are ethnic minorities with their own special culture and lifestyle. Ha Giang is famous for its gorgeous landscape, majestic scenery and kind people. Especially in buckwheat flower season, Ha Giang attracts hundreds of tourists come to take photos

Photography and climate

Ha Giang is bounded by Cao Bang, Tuyen Quang, Lao Cai and Yen Bai provinces, it has many tall mountains, limestones and springs. In which, the highest peak is Tay Con Linh (2419m). The major rivers here are Lo River and Mien River.

Ha Giang has two seasons: dry and monsoon. Dry season starts from mid-September and ends in May while the other season lasts from June to August. The temperature will depend on the height of each region. The average temperature is about 22°C. With this favor of nature, tourists can travel to Ha Giang every time of the year, but the best time is September to November and March to May. Especially, October and November are the time when buckwheat flowering, this is the big opportunity for visitors to see your own eyes the charming beauty of Ha Giang.

Top tourist destinations

Ma Li Peng Pass: located on the road named Happy Road, connecting Ha Giang city, Dong Van district and Meo Vac town. From this pass, you can enjoy a spectacular overview of the province. Although it is quite hard to ride through this pass, when you come here you will receive the worthy reward.

Hoang Su Phi: This rice terrace located in an upland district of Ha Giang Province. It takes around 100km by bus from the province’s center. This area is less frequented by tourist, does not mean that it’s not beautiful. In fact, it is huge charming rice terrace field that was recognized as National Heritage in 2012.

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark: In 2010, Dong Van Karst Plateau was recognized as the first geological park of Vietnam and one of 77 geological parks in the world. This karst plateau is created by at least 80 percent limestone and many fossils of ancient creatures species from 400 - 600 million years ago. Its average elevation is 1400 -1600 meters above sea level. There are 17 ethnic groups live in this area. Dong Van Karst Plateau attracts tourists not only because of its natural beauty but also the diversity of traditional culture here.

Khau Vai Love market: Khau Vai Love Market is held once a year from the late evening of the third Lunar month’ 26th day and lasts until the end of next day. The special point is that people don’t sell or buy here. During these two days, hundreds of ex-lovers from various hill tribe gathering. The origin of this culture came from a sad love story. A couple from different tribes deeply fell in love, but because of the differences between two tribes, they could not have a happy ending. Finally they decided to fall apart and just meet each other annually on lunar March 26th at the market in Khau Vai.